Our company has proudly been serving the area for over  10 years.  We work closely with our clients to actualize their ideas and ensure that they have a role in the creative process every step of the way.  We provide our own unique plants,flowers,and shrubs to create your perfect masterpiece.

Over the years we have developed partnerships with residential and commercial customers to ensure the utmost satisfaction guaranteed.

Summerville’s secret garden a favorite for fall plantings

Published Tuesday, August 31, 2010 4:36 PM
By Mike Olson
Summerville Journal Scene ®

Ivy Lanes Nursery & Landscape is not your typical plant nursery. There is just something very special about this establishment. Maybe it is the stunning foliage filling the small land in which the company is located, or quite possibly it is the one-on-one attention that its owners provide when helping customers find something special to add to their  home or business.

Ivy Lanes Nursery & Landscape is the ideal place to find color and beauty for the yard – delivered with expertise and a smile.

Owners Mike Lane, Kelly Gerber and daughter Mackenzie provide all of their customers with the highest quality plants and advice. Mike, Kelly and Mackenzie’s main philosophy are honesty and they know that each customer has specific needs and desires for their individual landscapes.

“Ivy Lanes has a garden feel to it. It is small enough so I can go around and pay special attention to each customer,” Kelly says.

Mike Lane, who has over 10 years of experience in plant nursery care, started this business because of his passion for plants and landscaping maintenance. Kelly Gerber once a kindergarten teacher also shares a passion for nursery care. One of Kelly’s main concerns is her customers.

“We make sure every plant is in the best condition for the customer when leaving our nursery,” she says.  Kelly’s daughter Mackenzie is also there to lend a helping hand during her seasonal breaks off from school.

The nursery contains over 100 varieties of plants that grace the land of the cozy garden. Luscious annuals, resilient crape myrtle including the eye-catching Dynamite Red Rocket.

“Red Rocket is our best seller and is a true red. It’s the only true red that I know of out there,” Kelly says.

Among the more common plants are unusual varieties of bamboo, palms and old heirloom plants like the Confederate Rose.

For fall gardeners, Ivy Lanes Nursery & Landscape has everything to keep yards colorful and well-maintained. Their fall selection includes fruit trees, river birch and gorgeous shiraz Japanese maple and its vivid red display.

Ivy Lanes Nursery & Landscape is open Monday Through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are located on 2129 Central Avenue just off of 17A on the right hand side. Mike, Kelly and Mackenzie look forward to helping you add a little pizzazz to your home or commercial landscape. You can visit their website at www.ivylanesnursery.com for upcoming seasonal events and festivities.

Photo provided- Co-owner Kelly Gerber shows off the blooms of a Dynamite Red Rocket crape myrtle. 
Photo provided-  A garden arch offers shade and a support for trailing plants and hanging baskets. 
Article in Summerville Journal Scene :
Photo provided-The nursery is a sea of palms, camelias and other popular Lowcountry shrubs and plants.